01 What is mean by an Invitation?

An invitation is a letter asking the recipient to attend an event. It can be sent either as a Physical Invitation or as a E-Invitation. Physical Invitation involves Printed Media to be mailed by post while E-Invitation can be sent either via E-mail or by a Whatsapp and other social medias.

02How do I order an Invites?

Ordering an Invites is quite easy. You need to decide the type of file you wan from E-Card, GIF, Videos and Webpage from respected event page. After that the next step is to choose the template from given templates. Once you have finsihed with it, you need to share all the details which are needed to customize that particular file for you.

03 Do I need to pay Advance and what are the ways to make payment?

Yes, you need to pay 100% advance. We have safe and secure payment gateway powered by PayPal (for International payment) & Paytm (for Domestic payment) which you can use to make the payment.

04 How long will it take to get the video delivered?

Once we got all the data,it will take 12 to 14 hour to deliver the video.

05 Is there any Revision offered?

Yes, after getting all the details we will present one demo video which is customised based on data given by you. You need to check the video and let us know if there is any correction than after will present final video.

06 In which format do I get the video?

The video will be delivered in HD MP4 format (1920*1080 px)

07 Do I get the video in Language other than English?

Yes, we at present offer videos in three languages, HINDI, ENGLISH & MARATHI. You need to choose any one language while filling the form.

08 Do I need to pay extra amount if I want same video for both Groom & Bride Side?

Yes, You need to pay only 50% extra of the original amount if you order two videos of same theme for both Groom and Bride.

09 Do you upload the videos made for clients in social medias like youtube & Facebook?

No, we respect your privacy. We don't upload any of the video made for our client in any social media websites.